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Short Term Loans - What Options Are Available to Me?

As household bills and food and petrol prices rocket, many people are finding their monthly wage just doesn't stretch far enough. If an unexpected bill or expensive car repair has left you feeling the pinch; never fear. There are a number of short term loan options available to you that should help ease your money worries in the short term:

Depending on your bank and the type of account you have, you may be eligible for an overdraft. If you have found yourself overdrawn, a prior agreement with your bank will enable you to use a certain amount of funds.

Your overdraft limit is agreed with the bank, and will act as an extra income in the short term. Interest is normally charged at an agreed rate. If you exceed your agreed terms however, an additional fee may be charged and higher interest rates applied.

Selling Possessions
Websites such as eBay and Gumtree are booming in popularity, and have replaced the traditional pawn shop. If you're finding yourself a little short for cash this month, it can be a good idea to sell unwanted belongings.

If you have old mobile phones, there are plenty of sites that will give you money for them - whether they are working or not. There are also websites where you can sell unwanted books, DVDs, and CDs. Many companies will also pay for unwanted gold so it is worth looking around for things to sell.

This way, the money is all yours and you don't have to pay fees, or pay anyone back. You are unlikely to get the amount you originally paid for the items however, so it is worth shopping around before selling.

Payday Loans
Figures have shown that by 2011 nearly 2 million people had taken out a short term short term payday loan. This increase in popularity is down to how easy they are to apply for. By filling out a short form online, the money is often in your account in minutes - regardless of your credit rating.

You can use the money for anything you like and simply pay it back on your next payday. The only downside to these loans is the high interest rates, especially if you miss your deadline to pay them back. As with any loan, you need to be sure you can pay the money back in the agreed time to avoid a large fee.

Other options available to people looking for an extra injection of cash include bank loans for particularly large sums of money and borrowing from friends and family. Before committing to any loan, all of the above options need to be considered fully.


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