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Should You Take Cash Advance From Banks or From A Payday Loan Company?

Payday loan companies have often been referred to as "mom-and-pop businesses". Frankly, this is not true. However the fact remains that, somehow this association has become deep rooted. After all, mom-and-pop businesses do not have the resources to offer loans to anybody. They are just intermediary websites that bring in leads to the lenders so that they can sell their loan plans. The businesses earn a commission for doing this. If you browse the Internet, you will find many of them now. Consumers often cannot make out the difference, and they end up paying much more than what they should.

Big mainstream companies have been staying out of the payday loan market because of the stigma attached to this. However, this is now changing fast. The mainstream lending companies have now decided that they cannot really afford to stay away from the growing $42 billion payday loan market. Mainstream companies including banks are losing customers to these payday companies for a while now, as they cannot disburse the cash so quickly. Customers who need quick money in an emergency naturally turn to these lenders, at the cost of the bigger mainstream players.

But this is all set to change now. Today banks have started offering cash advance loans. You can get a cash advance from your bank or from some other bank. It means that, you can get the money you need in as little as one hour once you have completed making your application. The application processing begins immediately. You don't have to meet anybody. No one has to know that you want a loan. There is no credit check. Just complete your application and the money will be there in your bank within a few hours or less. You will just need to be a citizen of the US, should be 18 years of age.

However we advice against taking a loan from a bank, as they are not flexible. They have stiffer terms than a normal payday loan lender. If you default they will immediately report to the major agencies, and not give you another chance.

Instead you can get a cash advance from a loan company that specializes in short term loans. You will be much better off. Your loan terms will be simple, there won't be any hassle and the lenders will give you enough time to payback the loan. If you have problems with payback you can contact the lender and ask for a rollover, however with banks you have no option but to payback the loan or declare personal bankruptcy. Which one would you choose?


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